beverages   desserts  

herbal tea - mineral water  3.50
soft drinks - iced tea - juice  3.50
milk - chocolate milk  3.50
coffee - tea - hot chocolate  3.00
decaffeinated coffee  3.25
espresso  3.75
espresso decaf  4.00
cappuccino  5.00


hot cocktails 1oz  8.00
All warmers served with coffee and whipped cream

after eight  
coffee, bailey’s, peppermint liqueur,  whipped cream.
monte cristo  
coffee, kahlua, grand marnier with sugared rim.
banana cabana  
coffee, bailey's, creme de banana, whipped cream.
spanish coffee  
coffee, kahlua, brandy, whipped cream with sugared rim.
mediterranean coffee  
coffee, kahlua, cream, mocha, whipped cream, spices.

liqueur and shots

shots and liqueur  6.00
premium  7.00
deluxe shots  8.00
premium deluxe  9.00

baklava  7.50
Light layers of filo crust and a sweet layer of chopped nuts, drenched in a light syrup. Served with simple syrup and cinnamon. Try it with chocolate!
vesuvius  8.50 
Vanilla flavored ice cream with a special coating, deep fried and spiced with cinnamon. Topped with caramel or chocolate topping and whipped cream. 
turtle cheesecake  7.00   
A delightful creamy baked cheese cake loaded with pure chocolate and roasted pecans. Topped with heavy whipped cream, roasted pecans and caramel.
yogurt with honey  6.50
Greek yogurt, with a touch of sweetness from the Greek honey and crushed walnuts.
wild cherry yogurt  6.50
Greek yogurt layered with wild cherries,  topped with granola. 
gluten free chocolate torte 8.00 
This flourless and gluten free  chocolate torte is made with a blend of four chocolates and finished with a sexy ganache topping.
vanilla ice cream  4.50 
Add chocolate, caramel, vanilla, lime, raspberry, or strawberry topping.

*Prices and availability subject to change without notice